THIS is Madness

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Birthday MaxX

Today is the 16th birthday of yours that we have had together. We've come a long way from your 21st birthday spent in Aarons apartment ... So many years have gone by .. so fast.

I remember the moment I first saw you as clearly as if it were yesterday... standing in the arcade.. schoolin em all, MrBigMan.

So many people have learned the hard way...many more still yet to learn... that going head to head with MaxX is certain defeat. Ive always loved that about you... standing back and watching you claim victory after victory, with ease. Your soul feeds on the thrill of the extreme .. your spirit always driving for more, only relenting when your body rests.

The first day we met I fell in love with the way you protect that which you love. Because of you I dont know fear of the world, for I have always stood at my place under your watchful eye. Youre the reason I have no fear in my soul .. you've always protected me and defended me as you would the heart that pumps the blood through your veins.

There are loads of people out there who have seen you interact with a child .. those that have seen this have no doubt noted your gentle compassion .. few know as intimately as I do just how genuine and compassionate the love you have for a child really is. I was the one lucky enough to be the mother of your own.

I love the way you look at me, your eyes plead with me to feel the love in your heart. I love the way you say my name .. with the same tenderness as a kiss placed on a newborn babes nose.

We've been married for ten of these last 16 years and I still tingle when I hear you speaking to someone and you say "my wife". I love (and hate) the way you lean in just close enough so that I am sure to smell your skin when Im angry. You know that your scent is a drug I just cant resist.

I love that you adore every piece of me ... I love how I can make you say please and thank you.

I love that you'll stumble around the room in the dark looking for pants so you can go downstairs for the eighth time tonight to check out the noise that I.Know.I.Heard and you never complain. Every time you go, you come back to bed and wrap me back up in your arms and tell me to kick you harder next time I hear something. That is Love.

I love that youve handled each and every loose and lost tooth because your wussy wifey cant even talk about loose teeth without needing to be revived by defibrilator. (Dont worry, Danny was standing by after I typed that last bit and everything is fine .. he's a champ at CPR!)

I love the way you know everything there is to know about anything, and the way you share all that you know with the babies. I love the talent you have seeping from your soul and the desire burning in your heart.

For your 30th birthday I threw you a party with friends and family. Your cake said "Happy Birthday You Old Goat" and you didnt like that. I will apologize now, babe. I was wrong. I never should have put that on your 30th Birthday cake. You werent an old goat ...

But you ARE NOW!!

Happy Birthday Baby!

All my love now and every tomorrow,