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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Where Typhoid Suzie is actually Lotus Carroll

Madness has been M.I.A. for holy shit three and a half days. Raise your hand if you ever fell in love with Michael J Fox drivin a Delorian? SideNote: What was so hot about MichaelJFox again?
Theres been some serious Back to the Future shit goin on around the MadLands. Not just Back to the Future shit .. but some BadJuJu shit and a little of that DontComeNearMeTyphoidSuzie shit too, where TyphoidSuzie is actually Lotus Carroll and oh yes I did just call your bitch ass out like that because yes bitch .. your computer sickness has spread over to here and yeah, Madness was all 'get the hell out' about it too!
You see Internet, just last week Lotus .. a week ago SUNDAY to be exact, Lotus was blog blog bloggin away and blam-oh her PC was toast. She ended up having to pimp herself out to the Techies. If youre at all familiar with her ordeal then you probably recall that Madness was all cracked up over Lotus' promise to touch the Techis no-no spot and she wouldnt let it rest.
Cause of Lotus' PC Death: Fried out Power Source.
So last week while the fate of everything that is Sarcastic Mom hung in the balance, Lotus didnt let her adoring readers down. She still managed to come to us using an old cast away computer that had long seen its last day.
Well, Internet. Guess the Fuck What! This past Sunday night .. Madness computer died.
Cause of Death: Fried out Power Source. Get the fuck out!
So right now, Madness is coming to you Internet .. on a CastAway computer that has long seen its last day. (Ok not *totally* but MaxX did have to perform emergency surgery in order to get it up and running). Oh .. and as far as Madness having to promise to touch HER Techies no-no spot .. well, Madness is a lucky girl .. she married her Techie .. so it's all aces on that tip.
Moving right along ...
Shit has been all Back To The Future these last few days as Madness was forced to relive what life was like before the Internet. No freakin joke. Cause not ONLY did Madness' home PC tank .. the bosses at the job decided that the finger shaking at last weeks meeting hadnt quite got the point across on the No Internet At Work subject so they took that a step further. Where a step further was SHUTTING OUR SHIT OFF.
Fuck yes they did.
And is Madness cussing a whole lot more these days?
So Madness has had zero internet,nada, nothin, she had nothin .. for three and a half days. Hello 1994.

why Madness has changed her jammies TWICE in less than 30 minutes

All Im sayin is .. click THIS and read it. Now.

Then click THIS and read that. Then. Later. Which would then be now.

You can thank me later. Then. Now. Later. WhenEVER.