THIS is Madness

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cause thats how Madness does shit sometimes

Have you ever felt like you literally need to hide from the world?
Do you know that you surely will NOT continue to breathe if you dont run and hide?
If youve ever damn near lost it and actually felt like you were gonna break then you know what Im talkin about.

Thing is .. Madness feels that way all.the.time.

And when you literally feel like you are going to break at every joint and cease breathing all.the.time you get to points where you panic.
I said "get to points" because if you recall .. the panic is constant.
You cant quiet a beast for long.
Sometimes I can get a grip on it all and stand somewhat steady .. but the beast always comes back and threatens total breakdown.

When the panic sets in ... the fucker sits down in 'rational thoughts' seat.
And sometimes .. thats how Madness does shit.