THIS is Madness

Sunday, June 29, 2008

~ Daddy'oh Day ~

This is a story in pictures for your viewing pleasure ...

How Daddy'o Learned Rotham to FearNothing and hop down the deck stairs.
It's also the story of BritBritOnasis sayin "Nuh-uh-No-way am I goin down those steps. Forget It" and she meant it.
At one point Brit was pacing the top of the stairs whining and whimpering .. then she looked over the edge of the deck and jumped off.. like that makes any sense.

Eh. Enjoy.Brit on the deck, hiding under ThreeDollahChair... Daddy'o put a piece of bratwurst in front of her to lure her to the stairs.

Gobble. Im still not going down those steps.

Rotham learned to sit just about that fast too. Hims a good boy.