THIS is Madness

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Whose yer Daddy?

Madness is gonna leave that one alone and reflect on Daddy'oDay at the MadLands ... you can thank me later.

Daddy'oDay in the MadLands started in the wheeee hours of the morning ... MaxX and Me out on the deck watchin our two babiest of babies chase each other around the back yard... silly pups. Poor Rotham tries so hard to keep up with his big sister BritBrit... but baby brother Rotham is a much bigger boy and just doesnt have the speed and agility that Brit has. She runs his butt all over the place.

Madness *slept in* on Daddy'ODay .. MmmHmm.. she did... at Daddy'o's request. Im'a leave that alone for now too.

Madness awoke to a beautiful bright sunny warm day ... the grill was hot and the air filled with the flavor of BBQ. Laundry on the line blowing in the breeze .. kiddies putting finishing touches on glittery tokens of daughterly love for the DaddyMan.

Oh yeah, Madness almost forgot, this is early summer in the MidWest.. Ha! Storm rolled in ... lightening..thunder..cold heavy rain .. HAIL .. finish BBQing in the rain .. eh, that was kinda cool.

MadTheatre on Daddy'oDay... Stand By Me ... oh yeah.

Daddy schooled the kiddies on a cinematic classic.. and Madness was all "is this mothers day or somethin?"

The scent of Old Books and Ninja Monkies.

Photos of MaxX grilling in the rain ... coaxing puppies with bratwurst to walk down deck stairs and MaxX gettin MadLove from the wee ones coming soon .. KodakEasyShare is acting Janky at the moment. *snicker*