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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Babies falling from the sky .. or out of vaginas .. or whatever .. and a BitchSlap thrown in for good measure

Its been in the water around here for months and no, Madness aint drinking (for once, I know!) It started a few months ago .. "So'an'so is pregnant .. she's pregnant, she is, and her too"
Yay so happy for ya'll. Really.
And so now, naturally.. the births have begun.

MadCongrats to Tori and Blake who welcomed Lily Rhyann last week .. Big Big BIG Congrats to Gramma Lynn .. who Madness totally hearts .. a lot.

K&K will be welcoming AnnaBell soon .. now Internet, that is a birth that Madness simply CAN NOT WAIT FOR!! (Details withheld .. but lets just say that if that baby comes out with a tan .. Madness wont be surprised. At all.)

Speaking of things Madness CAN NOT WAIT FOR .. Madness has been looking forward to Monday all weekend long. Insane, you say? Not so much. Considering Madness opened a new bank account on Thursday and deposited half of her paycheck to open the account. Nice Bank Manager Lady who opened the account told Madness that she would have access to these funds on Saturday. Friday afternoon at oh about 4:30 Madness called the bank to make sure said funds would indeed be available because the kids like to eat on the weekend an'shit. Nice Bank Teller Lady assured Madness that all funds would be available.

Saturday morning Madness went to the evil institution of satan to withdraw this weeks grocery fund. Or so she thought. Evil Bitch Lady at the only branch open on Saturday kept saying things like "Unfortunately" and "Apologize" and "Unfortunately" and Madness kept saying things like "Unacceptable" and "Unacceptable" and "I dont want to hear you say "unfortunately" again, in fact, I dont want to hear you say anything else!" an'shit like that.

So Madness is looking forward to Monday morning when she will walk into the evil institution of satan and find out just how much they are going to compensate her for all that bullshit that never should have happened because bitch TOLD ME my funds would be available and they werent.
Madness wonders if the Nice Teller Lady who lied to her spent her weekend laughing her ass off at the stupid schlep that thought she was getting phat cash Saturday morning and didnt. Bet she did .. which is why Madness wont feel bad at all when she reaches out and bitch slaps that "How may I help you" grin right off her face.

Its times like these that make MaxX search high and low because he knows theres a bottle of Depakote around here somewhere and SamPleaseCalmDown ...


Shania said...

Awww, gotta love the babies.

And what a coincidence! I bank at the evil institution of satan also.