THIS is Madness

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Madness knows it sucks ... she knows

NO this isnt the PHUN new look for the MadLands you heard about days and days ago ... but quite honestly.. Madness just hasnt had the time or .. uh ... attention span to tweak her blog the way she wanted to.
Never Fear .. I'll get around to it.


Ellie said...

Hey, it's hard to find the, um, attention span to tweak anything, never mind your blog.

Plus, I like it. I like screaming headlines (hee hee).

Ellie said...

Me again. You are *so* NOT yelling now. Sigh. Kinda miss it.

Ellie said...

Oh hi! It's me! I keep checking in because everytime I do it looks different. And I like that. Livens up the joint.

I have that ol' blog conumdrum: do I reply to your comment on MY blog or yours? Oh, I know! Both!

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

Oh hell. There's never enough time. I could use about 24 hours straight just to do all the Internet related things I need to do.