THIS is Madness

Friday, August 8, 2008

They are SORRY!?!

Madness computer is SORRY, but it REFUSES to UPLOAD photos from her KodakEasyShare.
What the fuck!?!
God hates Madness.

Sooo... since satanspawncomputer wont upload at the moment .. Madness has had to resort to the Paint feature on satanspawncomputer.

Madness wanted to share with you a photo of Madness' TeenageDaughter sportin her new glasses. As MaxX reported to Madness after her eye doctor appointment, "TeenageDaughter is as blind as a damn bat." Oh. Good thing you just ordered her glasses then, huh?

And man, oh, man did they order up some glasses. MaxX and Madness have style. MmmHmm. MaxX and Madness produced five very stylish children... as demonstrated here:
I know. Madness makes no damn sense.


Ellie said...

Oh dear. Things seem to have gone from bad to worse.

And I mean that in the NICEST POSSIBLE WAY.