THIS is Madness

Saturday, August 2, 2008


GoodTimes around the MadLands today. The day started with MaxX and Madness cleaning and organizing the garage. Next we cut down somethingberry trees. Followed by a cold shower because it was a zillion degrees out there today, people. A zillion.
For anyone out there wondering how MaxX and Madness entertain themselves on breezy hot Saturday mornings ... here's a sneak peek. For those of you who come to the MadLands to drink up every detail of our lives ... here's a Big Gulp.
and do you know how many times Madness had to upload this photo before she stopped deleting it in edit? A lot.

Ha! Ya'll thought Madness was trickin with you when she said that BritBrit is a vicious beast of an animal ... more times than not this is whats really goin on ... BritBrit bringing Rotham within an inch of his life.

Maddy lovin on Rotham.

Maddy lovin on BritBrit.Best Friends For Life.
The rest of the day around the MadLands? Cold Beer. Smokin BBQ. Old Friends. Bliss.