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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Where Madness takes a moment before she has a word .. for once

Remember when Madness was all "woohoo Barack and Hillary is sooo gonna happen" an'then Barack and Hillary didnt happen after all. Well, Madness got all worked up for a minute there and even sat down to write Mr.Obama a letter. Madness is always sayin shes gonna write a letter about this and that .. but Madness never does. Call that lazy or call that ADD, whatever. Point is .. this time Madness started writin' that letter. It went a little something like this:

Dear Barack,
Umm yeah ... about that. I thought we discussed this, I thought we had an understanding. 'Member I was all "Do it Barack, you know you wanna .. just do it" I mean, I know I didnt come right out and say "Put Hill on the ticket with you" but I was pretty ding dang clear about this"

And then .. something really strange happened ... a voice spoke and Madness heard it. (Please dont tell anyone about the hearing voice thing .. it could cause trouble, ok? thanks) Something said to Madness, "Madness, what if Barack and his camp know a thing or two that you dont?" and Madness was all "Say what? As IF! Pshaw!"

So Madness set out to learn her up on some Biden .. and this article here was all Madness really needed to read and now she's all "Huh, mmkay then, alright .. yeah .. certainly Barack knows what he's doing .. so Rock On Barack and Biden .. Rock On." Sure there are things about this Biden character that make parts of my head itch .. but who am I, anyway.

It makes enough sense ah'reckon .. if you put it like that, Madness can see where Hill isnt so much ying to Baracks yang afterall. (*teehee Madness said "Baracks yang") Madness doesnt doubt that Hill will find herself in the place where she is meant to be.

And so it came to be .. Barack and Biden .. sittin in a tree ...


Shania said...

I haven't processed the whole Obama/Biden thing yet (I was REALLY hoping for Clinton) but thanks for the link.