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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not Last Night but the Night Before

Easy like Sunday mornin .. only it was easy like Sunday Evening because Sunday morning was a fuzzy blurry haze on account of lots of weekend wine and MadLove. Ok fine, weekend beer, details.

Easy like Sunday Evenin .. Madness kicked back in ThreeDollahChair and shot the shit with MaxX while he grilled chicken and burgers and hawtdawgs. The air was fresh, the sky was blue and the sun was warm .. but not too warm because Madness doesnt do heat. Soon babies and puppies joined MaxX and Madness outside and the silliness was kicked up a few notches.

There is nothing Madness hearts more than Easy like Sunday Evenings with MaxX and the babies being as silly as silly can be. Nothing.

Meanwhile, Madness was blog hopping Saturday night and dont you just love blog hopping? Oh Oh Oh ... and did you know that Madness is sure and certain that she will die young? From Cancer? Madness has always known this. Dont ask .. cause I wont tell .. but it could be because Madness mother was robbed of her life .. by cancer. Or it could be that Madness is just irrational and crazy.
Regardless, Madness spent a good part of Saturday and Sunday getting to know PunkRockMommy. You should too.

Please stay tuned while Madness regroups.


Ellie said...

Thanks for the heads-up. And we are tuned in, Madness, tuned in.

Madness said...

Youre kinda smartie assed, arent you? I like that about you. Smartie assed ass.

Reddirt Woman said...

Hi Madness...had to come over from Bossy's place... why? because she's bossy. Just wanted to say I love your daughter's glasses. If they'd had glasses like that when I had to get my first pair of glasses 50+ years ago, I would not have hated them. Of course those old 'bat-wing' frames didn't help much with a 7th grader's self esteem problems...

Got to go... Olympics are coming back on...

Helen G.