THIS is Madness

Friday, August 15, 2008


"Mom, please dont put these on your blog" ... "Nobody you know will see these pics, TeenageDaughter" ... "But Dad says youre becoming famous, like Bossy"
Oh. Hells. Yes.
Right after TeenageSon was threatened with death if he didnt put the gameboythingie away and POSE FOR YOUR MOTHER!!! ....

Yes, Madness owns one more child .. but he was on his bus before Madness was dragged out of bed this morning .. stay tuned .. he does to exist!!


Ellie said...

Wow. Babies everywhere!

Anonymous said...

I've always liked your comments on Bossy's blog. And now I have you bookmarked! Thanks for making me laugh!!


Madness said...

Thanks for the awesome comment ... glad to have readers like you :) *if youve got a blog of your own, i cant seem to get to it from your name link..can you help me out with that?*

Anonymous said...

Hi Madness,

I don't have a blog as I am the least interesting person. Seriously. No, really. If I become interesting, I will start a blog. For the time being, I will live vicariously through you. And Dooce. And Bossy.

Madness said...

Oh My Word! I am *officially* a Goddess!! I have achieved Bossy and Dooce status!
Cynthia .. I am the biggest lame-oh I know .. start a blog .. sit down .. write whatever youre thinking. You'll see.
Thanks for the kudos .. you rock.

Anonymous said...

Was there any question about your Goddess status?

Hubs keeps asking me why I don't have a blog. I need some semblance of a life first.

Oh, I also read Crystal at Boobs, etc. and Dad Gone Mad. (Plus a few others...) How about you??

P.S. Your kidlets are gorgeous!!