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Sunday, August 24, 2008

SneakPeek ~ MaxX and Madness ~ The Weekend Edition

Madness: "I bought the kids a pool .. $99 pool on sale for $30"
(because yes, world, its kinda late in the season to be putting up a pool .. but MaxX, Madness and the babies moved at the end of July .. so putting up a pool at the beginning of the season would have been stupid. So just shut the fuck up with all that "kinda late dontcha think" shit, k?)

MaxX: "A pool? Isnt it kinda late in the season for a pool?"

Madness: "Shut the fuck up."

~*~hours later .. MaxX is running errands .. Madness has informed him that she will set up the pool while he is gone and wont MaxX he oh so proud of her when he gets home and she has set up the pool*~

16 minutes after MaxX leaves the house .. his cell phone rings .. its his Madness.

Madness: "I dont know how to do this daddy"

MaxX: "I KNOW. "

And so it was that MaxX and his buddy got to stand around and talk MadShit about his wife .. who thought she was tha'shit who could put a kiddie pool together all by herself.

And when Madness found out that MaxX and his buddy laughed and laughed at her expense .. MaxX didnt get laid for days. The End.

I kid. I kid.
You see, Internet. Madness could have put that kiddie pool together all by herself. (not really, shhh) But she chose not to because then how would she get to watch MaxX do manly things in the sweltering summer heat? And that MaxX was doing manly things in the sweltering summer heat and he was doing them for his wife and babies .. irresistibly sexy. Oh. Hell. Yes.


Ellie said...

There are some things it's best to never learn how to do. My mom taught me to NEVER learn how to mop floors -- that's boys' work. Pools, too.

Madness said...

Madness hearts your mom :)
Hi Ellie, Happy Monday!