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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tag Madness is IT

So .. this stupid hussy tagged me for this fucking meme. Madness had no idea what a MEME was until now. (ok ok .. still dont really know totally .. is it MEME because its all about MEME??)

Today Madness had to sit thru a "huddle" at work .. ya'll might know this kind of thing to be a meeting but where Madness works they call it a "huddle". Right. Ok. Todays huddle was of the "You've all been very naughty and we're going to warn you one last time before we axe your asses" sort.

We covered dress code, cell phone usage, Internet usage .. even sunglasses. Yes, Internet .. we were scolded for wearing sunglasses atop our heads upon entering the building. But I digress. We covered Internet usage... and Madness felt her bosses (plural) laser beam eyes slicing and dicing Madness ass into a bazillion pieces. Because yes, Madness is guilty of excessive Internet usage. Guilty.

Madness knows that bosses dont like excuses so she jotted notes on her Huddle Minutes paper such as "Guilty" and "Stop it" and "NO MORE INTERNET BEFORE YOU GET YOUR ASS DOOCED IDIOT" and shit like that. All the while wanting to shout out "checking blogs and email in between {what i do at the job .. detail withheld because its too much work to splain what i do} is what keeps me GOING!! Its the JOLT OF LIFE I NEED people!!"
And what the hell was Madness saying?

Oh .. Madness got tagged... for a meme.

8 Life Goals

Live long life.

Live long happy life.

Live long happy life full of love.

Live long happy life full of love and laughter.

Live long happy life full of love and laughter with MaxX watching children grow.

Live long happy life full of love and laughter with MaxX watching children grow and make their own long happy lives full of love and laughter.

Easy like Sunday Morning.

See this through.

You see .. when it comes to matters of Madness .. Madness gets vague .. thats just how I roll.
Madness bets that'll teach that stupid hussy not to tag Madness again. Or will it?

Ok Ok .. here goes .. for reals this time.
~Raise kind gentle children.

~Regain the unbreakable bond that IS MaxX and Me.

~Renew my vow to love, honor and obey the only person who has refused to give up on me .. who has never allowed me to lay down and die no matter how hard Ive tried.

~Figure out what I really want to be when I grow up .. then go back to College and knock that shit out.


~Be forgiven.


~Be trusted.



Shania said...

Hear! Hear! *stands and applauds* Love the list. Wondering how you can stand to work somewhere that has huddles. *shudders*
Don't forget to take your sunglasses off next week!