THIS is Madness

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Madness Breakin It Down

Since youre all on ma'shit today .. chew on this.

It was brought to Madness attention this evening that the following points require clarification:

Madness never said your TubeTops were what made you look like a Man, Lady.

Madness said you look like a Man AND your TubeTops are ridiculous.

MaxX said your TubeTop doesnt make you look like a Man.

MaxX never said he didnt think you look like a Man, in general.

If you knew a ding dang thang about MaxX then you'd see his irresistible wink and grin when he says such things .. but you dont so you wont .. see it, see.. ManBitch... (yes, you've evolved from ManLady to ManBitch .. ManBitch rolls off the tounge much more smoothly and it makes MaxX chuckle)

(Only moments after Madness mentioned MaxXs irresistible winky and grin .. moments I tell you .. MaxX tapped Madness on her shoulder and she saw the sticker that HE picked from the sticker sheet BabyD gave Momma and Daddy to chose from ...
the blue winky grinning face.)

**Madness' sticker says Ay-dub-ya-ee-ess-oh-em-ee. Awesome.**

Madness knows you'll appriciate this little work, MB... yeah.. I know you kinda likey me. Ha!

Ok.. so Madness has a full time job, and by full time job she means
45 hours a week there.
168 hours a week here, Momma, (times Five
168 hours a week there, Wife.
168 hours a week working out the logistics of a very delicate move from here to there (want me to break that one down .. ask me .. I will.)
168 hours a week keeping this from ending up there.
168 hours a week dealing with him her her and them.

And what was Madness saying? Oh .. yeah... Madness has a full time job to get back to. Peace.