THIS is Madness

Friday, July 11, 2008

Because Madness and Dooce are like *this*

Seriously though ... Dooce is so totally consumed with MadEnvy!

Earlier today Madness told ya'll about watching Grease and having a kick ass theme song to accompany her through the day. Madness was at work when she posted that and was sneaking around on the internet so's that she could share that with you .. at the risk of being Dooced, internet! Madness hopes youre appreciative of her sacrifice!
Anyway .. last night was the first time Madness watched Grease in sixteen years and she came to a realization ... and DAMNED if Dooce didnt have that same.ding.dang. realization herself! Today! No joke. Only one small difference .. Dooce is talkin'bout Grease II with Michelle Pfeifer and Madness is talkin'bout Grease with OliviaNewtonWhatsHerName.. John Travolta. Click here to see what Dooce had to say bout'that.

Speakin of Dooce and my post from earlier today ... remember that other bit of random madness that was forgotten just that fast ?
Here it is .. (what a coincidence .. this here is also compliments of Dooce) Yes, you gotta click that link too so's you can read the caption for this particular dose of The Daily Chuck .. you can thank me later.

Madness hearts this particular dose of The Daily Chuck because she would rock that hair if she could pull it off ... oh.hell.yes.she.would.