THIS is Madness

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Madness Hearts Lurking Readers

Another of Madness' fav things to do is to visit her statcounter and try to figure out who each of her readers is.

Madness has a spot on some of you ...
Others are keeping her guessing.
Oh What Fun!

Dont worry readers ... Madness will post again soon and give you more of the PUREMadness that you just.cant.resist.



Lauren said...

Hi Madness! I'm only a half-assed stalker. I click on your link whenever you leave a post on Bossy's site but I never ever remember to bookmark it (because I'm at work, doh) so I only come here like once a week. Anyway, HI! I think you're cool.

Madness said...

Lauren! you think I'm cool!! Oh My Word!! It is OFFICIAL!!
BookMark Madness!!
Madness Hearts Lauren!!