THIS is Madness

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Im just saying

Seriously though..

Madness isnt a total bitch (or psycho, or lunatic or whatever else ya'll are calling me ... yeah I know em all) ... and neither are you.

Vicki may [details omitted because Madness isnt trying to put it ALL out there ... *yet* .. ] .. but Vicki also bakes kick ass cakes for her kids birthdays .. and shes a nurse. MmmHmm. RN baby. Registered Nurse. So Vicki is no numb brain either. Vicki is a beautiful woman, mother of wonderful children.. shes lived through unimaginable despair ... pain the likes of which you and I have never known... and she continues to live and raise her family and face each day. Bear, I have great respect for you. I truely do. Love, Madness.

Laura may [details omittied because Madness isnt tyring to put it ALL out there ... *yet* .. ] .. but Laura is also the mother of a beautiful daughter. I know nothing more of M that what Ive seen in the pictures that I had no business looking at .. but what I know of Lauras daughter is that she is a happy, healthy, kind, smart, loved and cared for young lady who is becoming a young woman and discovering her way in life. I respect thtatLaura is a hard working single mother who has her head on straight and tight. I envy the bond between Laura and Jacki .. or at least the bond I imagine they have. Everyone needs to have their girls at their side.

Sam. Youre just a kid. Lord knows there isnt a day that passes that I dont want to smack that cheshire grin straight off your face ... but at the same time there isnt a day that passes that Im not aware that ... youre just a kid. If you really are pregnant .. I wish you all the best. This is a time in your life that you should cherish for eternity and beyond. I honestly hope that youve got your life in order by the time your child arrives. This is it Sam. I truely wish you all the best in life. (I was bein all nutso whacko cause I just wanted you to stay out of mine).

Riss. Oy Vey. Riss. Am I going here? yeah.. I am .. on account of youre still here. Again I have MadRespect for you. Wife and mother of four kick ass kids. MadRespect for putting your mind to it and going back to school, sister... hells yeah.. I did that myself... it was an awesome experience that I wasnt quite ready for at the time .. but I got a lot out of it and hope to finish one day. So yeah.. I respect you for all that.

Im just sayin.