THIS is Madness

Friday, July 11, 2008

Grease is the word ...

Madness is a lucky girl today because last night was Movie Night with the kiddies. We watched Strange Brew .. "Take off Hoser!!" ha!

But more importantly .. we watched Grease ! Oh Yeah.

And so Madness is a lucky girl today because Madness has the Grease theme song IMBEDDED in her brain. Imagine living your life with the theme song to Grease as your background music. Oh Yeah.

Guess what .. there was one more random thing that Madness was going to share with you, constant reader .. but she forgot .. that fast. Wooosh!

Eh. Check back I guess.


Ellie said...

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

"Summer Lovin', had me a blas-hast..."