THIS is Madness

Sunday, July 27, 2008

because Thats How I Roll

How do you manage to SHUT MADNESS UP almost entirely? Sit her down at 2:00 am .. only 2 hours after she and the family finally finish moving. Thats how.

I keep finding myself sitting here staring at the screen.. knowing that I have this this this and that to tell ya'll ... yet my eyes just blur over and ... nothing.

Madness has been fussin at MaxX for days now to "stop letting me leave the house without my camera!!" Today, MaxX brought the camera along for me. Madness hearts MaxX.

But get this ... Madness had camera in hand all ding dang day and failed to snap pics of the best parts of the day!
Failed, Internet!! Which just proves that the problem doesnt lie with MaxX not reminding Madness to take her camera with her when she leaves the house ... the problem lies with Madness remembering to use the dang thang. Obscene.

MaxX and Madness met Cool Lady today. Dont know Cool Lady's name but she's cool. Cool Lady had a poster thingie that she made back in the day. It looked kinda like this:
Yeah ... Madness had camera in hand when she stood in Cool Lady's garage and took in the curious wonder of this poster thingie. Did Madness snap a pic ... hells no. Because thats how I roll.


Ellie said...

You are hilarious. And, mayhaps, possibly, a wee bit demented. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.