THIS is Madness

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Standing Vigil .. ok .. not that serious ... yet.

Madness doesnt even know where to begin..

To start though.. apologies in advance if this is the worst, most blumbering blog post ever .. but youre just gonna hafta understand...

Rotham is sick... and Im not talkin about 'got into the trash upset tummy sick' .. we're talkin Death Sentence Sick .. and NO Im not overreacting , Internet!

Allow Madness to digress so's that you understand what we're talkin'bout here.

'member last Saturday .. blah blah Family visit with Friends .. blah blah .. Rotham and Brit visit with sister Cookie .. blah blah ..... No? click here and catch up, k?

Youre back? Are you caught up? Good.

.. so yeah .. Madness has been holdin out on ya, Internet... only because she just couldnt choke up the balls to actually say it .. but now she has to.

Cookie, Rotham and Brits sister, died Monday morning.

Parvo. Oh Dear God I Said It.

We didnt know Cookie was sick when we went to visit. We didnt know. By the time we were told that Cookie "wasnt acting like herself lately" it was too late. By then all we could do was watch and wait. It was too late.

Our vet said that if they were going to get sick .. it would happen within 5-10 days. Today is day four.

If you recall .. Madness was suppose to be in training all day *shudder*. Blah Blah ...

1:00 pm - Madness phone rings. "I finally got you!" ... "Ive been in meetings..whats up" ... "Mom, when I opened the kennel to take the puppies out, Rotham wouldnt come .. he wouldnt RUN mom!" ... "Call Dad ... NOW".

1:30 pm - MaxX confirms ... Rotham is not well.

2:19 pm - Message from MaxX .. "Call me!"

3:00 - 2 hours and 17 calls to every vet in the tri-county area (seriously) ... Madness is on the rush home .. we have an appointment ...cities and counties away... with the only vet open and compassionate enough to see us.

4:10 - MaxX, Madness, Brit and Rotham arrive in PoeDunkVille .. we were given instructions to pull around back and the vet would meet us outside ... yeah ... it is that serious.

(Madness is digressing again.. deal with it) ...

Reader, are you a Mom? or a Dad? Have you ever held your sick child in your arms and felt hopeless and desperate when overhearing a doctor or nurse say something that made you look at your child and into your soul and fear for their life? I have.

Today it happened again.

The vet tech lady that met us behind the animal hospital took a fecal sample from my Rotham and the only words she said after seeing the swab were "thats not good" ... and Madness almost collapsed.

You see, Internet, Madness didnt realize that these two pups found themselves a place in the deepest depths of her heart .. until today. Phooey me all you want ... those pups are my babies every bit as much as her, him, him, her and her.

6:30 pm - MaxX, Madness, Brit and Rotham arrive home. Rotham got him some IV fluids, a nice IM injection of antibiotics and an anti-inflamatory and we're home ... to watch .. and wait.

Rotham is doing well. He's hydrated and rested and seems to be pulling through. We are still very much in 'watch and wait' mode ... but we are hopeful.
We are watching Brit closely too .. and thus far, she shows zero signs of ailment. MaxX and Me discussed the fact that Brit is just plain too damn full of FIRE to get sick. Ornery little Bitch. Just like her Momma.