THIS is Madness

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Post 4th of July Recovery .. also knows as July 5th.

Attempt to get up.
Eat BBQ hubby dutifully and lovingly prepared.
Drive to sons friends house and deliver video game connector jack wire for multiple game system thingie whatever that thing is.
Video Store! Score!
Watch cool flick with hubby and kids that made us all go 'the END?!?!"...
followed by realization that cool flick is based on a literary series ... Aces.!
Crazy Pups .. sit, beg, do anything for a treat.
CoolCat .. Noisy Kitty.
Monkey eating Kitties.
Misbehaving ornery daddies.
Giggly babies.
Heating pads.
Nose Bleeds.
The curse of 2:32 am broken at last!


Meg said...

Sleep, videos, and food hubby prepared--I dream of such a day!