THIS is Madness

Saturday, July 5, 2008


One of Madness fav things to do is visit and click through the photos of the week ... since Madness knows not everyone does this.. she thought she'd share some of her favs with you ...

You can thank me later.This photo was taken earlier this year and tugs so very strongly at Madness' heart .. you see.. Madness stood in this very spot as a child .. time and again .. looking to the heavens in awe. This is a photo of the space shuttle Endeavor lifting off during the night. You cant fully appriciate the fantastic wonder thru a mere photo, but trust Madness .. this is an awesome event.
Because Madness was once a young girl .. and perhaps, reader, so were you ... and because Madness has three young girls ... this photo makes Madness squeal and sigh .. because times they are a changin. (this is a photo of a 4 year old girl playing in confetti after a rally for Presidential Hopeful HILLARY CLINTON .. who was also once a young girl).

... because Madness *also* has the audacity of hope. Michelle, Barack..if youre listening ... Madness is placing her hope square on your shoulders... thanks for carrying that for me, for mine, for us.

These are John Lennons tinted prescription glasses being held infront of his handwritten lyrics to "Give Peace a Chance". Stunning.

Photos of Fourth of July fun coming soon ...


MaxXwelld501 said...

Very well written, much better work that the viciousness babe. Excellent job.