THIS is Madness

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Because you were wondering.. you know you were..

Madness knows you readers have been dying to know how her hair turned out. If you recall..Madness dyed her hair. Again.

Im gonna post a close up pic so you can see the color that really *is* in Madness hair. Then I'll post a pic of what it looks like with the real eye.

Do you see the red/burgandy tint? Hmm? Do you?
Heres what it looks like from any other angle imaginable.

Im just sayin.

In case you were wondering.. yeah.. Madness use to actually have a hawt pink extention in her hair. (yes, Madness knows you can barely see it in this pic.. and Madness knows that she looks blue in this pic.. but oh.well. Madness isnt fuckin with editing it anymore right now.)

Madness has decided that shes been full.of.herself. enough for one night.