THIS is Madness

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh hell no I think I pissed my pants

I apologize right now to everyone in the blog-o-sphere and everyone within a 30 mile radius of here .. for I was the source of the mind scraping SQUEAL that woke you all this morning. Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry.
But you see.. I had such good reason to behave in such an uncontrollable manic way (please dont tell my doctor, please dont tell my doctor, please dont tell my doctor)
THIS IS WHY I woke you all with that mind scraping SQUEAL :

Oh.My.Gawdess.Yes. B O S S Y wuz here! I cant believe it. Bossy, the BOSS of the BLOG, read my last post and left a comment. MmmHmm.. she did. *sigh*
And now I'm expected to umm.. work.. or something for the rest of the day. PSHHAW!
"What does Madness DO for a living that gives her so much time to read and write blogs?" you ask. Well, Madness has what you might call a cush job. MmmHmm. Madness works for a group of sorry ass suckers surgeons and all Madness has to do is sit here and wait for that thing to ring. Seriously.
Oh, and FYI... yes, we talk about you and how stupid you are when we hang up with you. ;)