THIS is Madness

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

when He speaks they shall listen ... learn .. and love

MaxX has arrived in the MadLands .. hop over there and have a peek .. you wont be disappointed.
Right HERE is where you hear Madness' mad cry of desparation because she just LOST everything she worked on for the last hour. Which is probably good for you constant reader (how pompus of you Madness..Stephen, my apologies).. good for you Internet because now youre going to get the shortened version. Or maybe not.
Madness wrote yesterday about NASAs Big Day. The folks down in Flah-rida are uber excited this morning because later today the Mars Phoenix Lander is landing on Mars. Theyre bein all dramatic an'shit referring to the landing as "7 Minutes of Terror" .. seriously. I guess if I were one of those thinker-uppers down there at NASA .. Id be feeling uncomfortable jelly like sensations in the core of my being too. So ok.. Madness will digress .. they're not being all dramatic an'shit. 7 Minutes of Terror is appropriate.
When Madness posted about NASAs 7 Minutes of Terror, she failed to give proper.. uh.. props where due. Membah' Madness telling you how MaxX is a fascinating writer and story teller. Contained within MaxX are the infinite depths of creation and wonder.. and remember how Madness has been tellin MaxX for 16 years that he needs to write that shit down .. well.. MaxX wasnt writin shit down about certain things.. so Madness did.
Madness concedes that she did a metiocre job of sharing MaxXs Martian TinkerToy Therom.
This is a ding-ding-light-bulb example of why MaxX needs to tell ya'll this shit himself.
If ya'll got a chuckle out of Madness little quip posting on the Martian TinkerToy Therom.. then you should go over and ask MaxX to tell you himself. Madness promises she wont laugh at you when you piss your pants.
Yes I will.