THIS is Madness

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

School Zone Road Rage

I am ding dang near about to scream! Yes.. me.. MADNESS.. is about to SCREAM. Ok people.. here goes.
Madness drives through TWO of these every morning on her way to work :

what IS that eye sore on the side of the road ... placed randomly throughout the city. What do those FLASHING YELLOW LIGHTS above and below the sign that reads "School Zone 20 MPH" MEAN? Hmmm.. Why oh why did they not cover this on my DRIVING EXAM before issuing me a LICENSE to DRIVE A VEHICLE!?!?
Oh!? They DID cover this on the exam before issuing me (and YOU) a license to drive? OH! Well .. umm.. then what Madness doesnt understand is why EVERY. DING.DANG. MORNING. there are IDIOTS driving, oh, 45..50..60 MPH thru a SCHOOL ZONE!?!? WHY PEOPLE?!!? WHY!?!
Madness usually lays on her horn like the crazed mad woman that she is politely taps her horn if she notices someone failing to slow to 25 MPH in a school zone. Sometimes Madness will be kind enough to cut you off and slam on her brakes demonstrate the proper braking and slowing technique. This morning Madness was politely tapping her horn at the mini van in front of her as she rounded the bend in the road that marks the beginning of the school zone. And to Madness HORROR this minivan did not slow down at her command. Huh? What? Oh.Hell.No.
So, Madness caught up with the evil minivan from hell eh, we'll leave it at that, Madness caught up with the evil minivan from hell at the next light and politely tapped on her horn. THIS was the exchange between Madness and the driver of the evil minivan from hell...for reals.
Madness: "Excuse me, Ma'am. That was a school zone back there and you failed to slow down AT ALL".
Stupid Idiot: "So what are you saying?"
Madness: "Im saying that youre suppose to SLOW DOWN FROM 50 MPH TO 25 MPH when you see those BIG FLASHING YELLOW LIGHTS AND THE BIG SIGN THAT SAYS SCHOOL ZONE 25 MPH"
Stupid Idiot: "I was keeping up with the other cars"
*Imagine* now the LOOK on Madness face when this bit of OH.MY.GOD. what do you call a statement that is SO DAMN STUPID!?!?
Madness: "What!?! You dont "keep up with the other cars" you SLOW DOWN to 25 MPH like youre SUPPOSE TO!!"
Stupid Idiot: "I dont want to argue with you"
Madness: "IDIOT!"