THIS is Madness

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Hello readers ... Oh, thats right.. Madness doesnt HAVE readers. And those that DO pop by rarely if ever comment (except you three over there and I am eternally grateful for you)
Anyway... regardless... if any of you who are reading this DONT know who DOOCE is... then PLEASE click HERE and meet Dooce! You can thank Madness later. And you will thank Madness later.
Dooce, welcome home... Madness watched you on The Today Show and I just wanted to reach out and SMACK Kathy Lee Gifford and scream "SHUT UP AND LET DOOCE TALK!!!!" My friend and I were watching the segment together and when Kathy Lee started spewing bullshit talking about "Im not judging but I dont know how I feel about....." we looked at each other and were all *PSHAW* .. Kathy Lee only talked about her BRATS on air every fecking morning for like 50 YEARS .. and brought them on National TV for ALLLL the freaks and creeps to see. Oh I SO wanted to reach out and touch Kathi Lee Gifford! Let. Me. Tell. You.