THIS is Madness

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Long Live Rock ~ Aerosmith ~ Scissors in MaxXs left eye

MaxX almost got his left eye poked out over these photos. Madness wonders if she'll get traffic from stalkers potential subscribers who are searching Lisa Left Eye Lopez. We shall see.

Madness is sorry that the photos are so big .. but Madness is in no shape to be fucking around with editing and resizing right now.

Heres the other pic

MaxX said the crazy bitch woman in these photos didnt look like Madness (his wife of 16 years). In fact MaxX said that Madness looked like -name withheld- in these photos.
So Madness poked MaxX left eye out with scissors.

The End.

Ok, not really, but she threatened it.. and she meant it.

Point of these pics is .. Madness is rockin a kick ass t-shirt these days.. its black and saysLONG LIVE ROCK in hawt pink.

Even better is whats on the backside of Madness kick ass t-shirt. MmmHmm.