THIS is Madness

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Madness is going to Hell

Madness is married to MaxX. <-- click to meet MaxX. MaxX has a brilliant mind. And when Madness says brilliant she means scary-genius like. MaxX knows and sees everything ... and the result of this is countless hours of pants peeing entertainment.
MaxX and Madness go on frequent "dates" .. usually to the local WalMart. Our local WalMart has full time greeters. They are mostly old grumpy bitties nice ladies, except this guy:

This is Mr WalmartGreeter. Mr WalmartGreeter is a nice guy. Mr WalmartGreeter greets us every Saturday and we greet him right back. One day, MaxX and Madness were leaving WalMart with our truckload cart of groceries when Madness turns to MaxX and says "MaxX...what ARE you lauging at?" The next thing Madness said was something like this "Thats why youre going to Hell, MaxX". And this is why:

We're just sayin.