THIS is Madness

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Ok, so this may not be the bestest pic of Mr Downey Jr but Madness likes it :)
""Enter Robert Downey Jr., riding to the rescue, a glass of Scotch in his hand and a sardonic smile on his lips. "" - CNN
Madness doesnt know what sardonic means but she is pretty sure it means SEXY. MmmHmm.
Maxx has Madness all excited about Iron Man.. You see, Maxx is an amazing story teller and a phenomenal writer... (more about that later). Point is .. Maxx can tell a mean story. He has an astonishing memory... and astounding recall of detail. The man is truly talented in
Oh yeah, Iron Man. Madness didnt know squat about Iron Man or any of the Marvel legends. Poor Maxx didnt realize he was marrying such a dummkopf (that means 'mentally dull person'). *sigh* So Maxx has had the monumental task of trying to learn Madness in all areas of human existence.
Soooo anyway .. one day Maxx said "Madness!" (only he doenst call me Madness outloud.. he calls me "Wife" and Madness thinks that is OH.SO.DREAMY.) "Madness!! Look at THIS!!"
And Madness was enamored .. overcome with affection and admiration for Maxx as she stood there and listened to him tell her the story of Iron Man. *sigh*
And it certainly helped that Maxx is just like Robert Downey Jr.