THIS is Madness

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dooce has spoken

Dooce has spoken..and as usual..Madness can hear the collective fist pumping in the air ...
Read it here . Along with some lovely photos :)
Madness was left with a deflated balloon feeling after watching Dooce on the Today Show.. deflated and sad. But not sad for myself..sad for the world. You see.. Madness already knows whats so damn special about Dooce and the other blogs like hers out there. What Kathie Lee Gifford and the Today Show did was an injustice to the rest of the folks out there who dont know. Those who dont know may have seen that segment and been all "yeah, MommyBlogging is as lame as I thought it was" and Madness is all NOOOOOO!! Wait!! You got it all wrong. But you know how they are..whatever TV says is law.
Fight Write On Dooce! and the rest of us.. Write On!