THIS is Madness

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

DrunkDialing has NOTHING on DrunkMySpaceMessageReplying

Madness has several friends on MySpace whom she actually knows in "real life" (whatever the Hell "real life" is anymore) Madness purged most of her MySpace addiction usage several weeks ago. Madness declared "done with MySpace ... gone daddy gone ..."

Madness only has 2 reaons why her MySpace account still exists. MaxX and DJP. (Madness didnt link to DJPs MySpace on account of he has his shit private and Madness respects that. If youre one of my peeps on my MySpace you can go take a look at his pic on my page).

MaxX is, well, you know who MaxX is..I hope by now. No? MaxX is the love of my life. My husband.. the father of my 3 daughters and 2 sons. We have 16 years together, MaxX and Me. 16 years, no joke. Madness knows a few things fo'sho...
1)MaxX and Madness love each other past all revelations ...
2)Madness will not squander another day doubting this love for and life with MaxX and our family.. Helene, Daniel, Harold, Taryn and Devyn..I'm looking at you.
So, thats MaxX.

DJP is Madness big brother. THE big brother. Remember Madness was adopted by her cousins when she was 4. Madness has a big brother..we had the same "mom" and "dad". When we were seperated and adopted Madness was 4, DJP was 6. Madness and DJPs cousins adopted Madness, DJP was adopted by close friends of our in the same small Florida town..on the other side of the golf course. We were seperated, but were kept together as closely as possible.

Ok, thats deep enough for now.. point is... DJP is Madness brother... and seeing her brothers pic on her MySpace once or twice a day is all she has left of her brother and she is hanging on to it for dear life.

Ok... so.. Madness isnt spending much time on MySpace these days.. consequently Madness is making her 'real life' friends think she's being boo-jie. MmmHmm.
So, tonight is Friday, and Madness had a VERY LONG and EMOTIONALLY MURDEROUS day .. so she had a few glasses of weekend wine. *wink at Bossy* So Madness decided to catch up on MySpace Message Replies.

And when Madness has a few glasses of weekend wine .. her replies closely resemble drunk dialing.
Heres a sample:

Hey girl .. First off I *must* apologize for being a sucky ass myspace friend..i promise im not being 'funny' or ignoring you.. i literally check this thing before i have to work in the morning.. i get on.. read whatever is new and fly out the door and make it to work by the skin of my teeth. just no time to reply or leave comments. they blocked myspace at work so i cant do shit from there. by the time i get home at night i check it for a minute, read whats new, maybe change my pic if i'm not liking the old one anymore, and then log off and get as far away from the computer as possible..or go write on my blog and read my blogroll.i'm just not into myspace at all anymore. id have deleted it a long time ago if MaxX wasnt still all into it.anyway.. my number is 555-5555 (cell).. i wont even bother giving you the home number.. you have a teenager/middle schooler.. you know how it is, the kids now own the home phone. i dont answer it, i dont use it.yes, we must get together. now that spring has sprung we can all come out of hiding.we should go to the park, maybe BBQ some shit up. Helene and Daniel and Harold and Kyle can play BBall an'shit. Taryn Devyn and your little one can play on the swings an'shit. Grown ups can sip on a little somethin and put some viddles down. Actually.. [*this section omitted because Madness said so*] ok.. I'm drinkin and kinda loopy..i'll be off now.. get at me.. loard knows i'm never doin anything on the weekend.peace!Oh! Wait! Helene tells me the other day about this boy who she is "bff's" with. His name is KYLE and his mom babysat us or something.I said Kyle *smith! Uh, yeah..and she says "oh yeah, me and Kyle go WAY back"I told her I have pics of the two of them when they were babies..she's super excited.ok..nite.

DrunkMySpaceMessageReplying. MmmHmm.