THIS is Madness

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cancer! F*You Cancer!
I posted a few days ago about my dads friend and law partner, Lou. He was diagnosed a few weeks ago with cancer. My mom was in 1994 by lung cancer. Today my dad called and I knew the moment I heard his voice that something wasnt ok. I thought I was holding my breath for bad news about Lou. I wasnt.
Dad has a lesion on his kidney. He will have surgery next friday... they will either remove part of the kidney or all of it. He doesnt anticipate having chemo or radiation, he said they caught it very early. The little fucker is a 1.7 cm lesion on the outside of the left kidney at about 1 o'clock .. Madness dad gave her all the details, and true to dad form..spent a great deal of time comforting and reassuring her, cause thats what dads do. The oncologist said they dont get troublesome till about 4 cm, according to dad he's a bright and talented young fella. No other troubles were seen in the abdomen, he will have CT scans of the chest and brain to be extra cautious because thank God dad has competent, attentive doctors and, say it with me... health insurance. Dad doesnt seem worried. He said "this isnt like Mom.. " and I say to God.."It better NOT be!" Dad is confident that this is going to turn out fine .. he says hes got a great doctor .. and I say to God.. "He BETTER be!"
Stay tuned while Madness picks her heart up off the floor.