THIS is Madness

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

(cont) Why Madness *thwapped* MaxX

For Part I click here (or maybe NOT because MaxX still hasnt approved my submission!!!)

(these are for MaxX)

awwww look how cute.
and because Madness does NOT want to disappoint! ... here is the ceremonious ridiculous cat in a tin foil hat. *sigh*

You see ... MaxX thinks shit up.And when MaxX thinks shit up the Cosmoshears it. MmmHmm. Madness has told MaxX for years to "write that shit down"!
Al gore believes he invented the internet. While that may be all fine and good, Madness invented the Blog. MmmHmm...she did! You see, when the Cosmos hears MaxX, the Cosmos inevitably hears Madness too. MaxX loves Madness with everything that is MaxX..and then some. If MaxX were to discover an asteroid on a sure and fixed course of destruction that will absolutely obliterate all life on earth ... like they did in Armageddon ... MaxX would say "I want to name her Madness, after my wife. Shes a vicious life sucking bitch from which there is no escape!" .. and MaxX would say that and mean that with all the love and affection in the whole world.
All those years MaxX has spent thinkin shit up Madness has been yellin at MaxX to "write that shit down"! ... The Blog was born. Eh. If Al Gore can get away with sayin he invented the internet with a straight face .. then Madness invented the Blog. Deal with it.
Oh yeah.. why Madness *thwapped* MaxX. Because.. Madness never told MaxX to "go tell anyone just stop telling it all to me" and MaxX knows this. So Madness *thwapped* MaxX. The End.