THIS is Madness

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Puppies and Babies make Madness a happy girl

Rotham and Brits first trip to PetSmart. See.. Madness does too have a 13 year old daughter. Thats her in the cute silver vest and white stacked sandals up on the left. You wont see much of Madness oldest daughter..she curses Madness whenever her mother has the audacity of hope to take a photo of her. But never fear stalkers readers .. Madness doesnt care what her teenager says.. shes gonna take photos of her all.she.wants. CauseImThaMommaThatsWhy.

Even puppies get into politics. MaxX and Madness splained to the babies about the Blue Donkey and Red Elephants that make America who and what we are.. and the sociological and psychological phenomenon that it all is. And how fecking hot is Madness husband? Oh.hell.yes.
Two seconds later Brit bit the camera.. and licked it and pounced at/on it and became BFFs with it :)

This is Brit explaining to Rotham why he should get up and come play with her and Rotham saying "There is nothing you can do to get me up from this run along"...and he meant it.

After Madness and the little ones were done with their 400 yard sprint, photo session and dismal attempts at leash training two 4 week old adorable stubborn bullheaded whiny puppies.. Madness went to collect her twinnies puppies and found them sleeping in the middle of the football field like this ... YinYang Puppies

MaxX blessed the world with 3 sure bet running machines.. Helene Daniel and Devyn ... Taryn shows definate talent and promise ... Harold is more a football/wrestling kinda guy. Helene and Daniel are accomplished TrackSuperStars (as Madness calls em) .. and Devyn has shown consistantly impressive skill and form on the track over this last year. Today.. the moment Maddys feet hit the track she was in full on sprint..she ran the entire 400 yards and left her 10 year old brother a nd 8 year old sister in.her.dust.

Madness gave Harold Taryn and Maddy photography lessons..which consisted of .. put this strap around your wrist, hold this button till it clicks and flashes.

This photo was taken by MasterPhotographer Harold B Dowls III. The boy has talent. T&D snapped some awsome photos too and once Madness gets those phtoshopped and edited downloaded.. she'll post em.

**Well lookie there .. Madness is still up so she has more photos, taken by Taryn Devyn and Harold, to share. Yay Madness. For those of you who arent interested..come back another time. Those of you who are interested.. I hope you've enjoyed this post .. Im looking at you friend.

No, Madness doesnt have grey hair..Madness has roots that she hasnt decided what color to make em next. But she's pretty sure it isnt gonna be Barbara Jean Chocolate Brown again.

Madness, Taryn, Devyn and Princess BritBrit Onasis. Taryns soul just finds you. I know.

Madness calls this one " ... A Classic" .. Devyn being over dramatic over some grave injustice. she comes.

And Madness required electro-shock treatment after she looked at this photo and saw Barbara Jean staring back at her.

Stay tuned while Madness goes and ... and ... and ... Madness doesnt know what to do about that.