THIS is Madness

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Holy Ghost

Recently Madness had a maddening experience with her super fancy expensive budget saving Kodak EasyShare camera ... she called it "The presence of the Holy Ghost" ... have a look.

(please excuse the photo quality .. this is because Madness is at work and had to boost the pics off of her MySpace account from her phone and that just makes for janky quality .. Madness will repost these pics tonight from home with proper quality.. but Madness just wanted to get this post up and out there because Madness is kinda in a FUNK today.)
Do you see it there?? Its all fuzzy and Holy Ghosty looking...

See it there!! Its the Holy Ghost! This drove Madness MAD for days. It did !
So Madness called clicked on Kodaks website and found a nifty feature .. LIVE SUPPORT CHAT!! MmmHmm.
So Madness started talking to some Support JerkfaceTech who said "try downloading blah blah blah-diddy-blah". And Madness was all "What does downloading blah blah blah-diddy-blah have to do with the FUZZY OVEREXPOSED IMIAGE OF THE HOLY GHOST on every photo I take?!?!?" And the Support Jerkface Tech was all "Do you even know what blah blah blah-diddy-blah IS? Or what it DOES? And Madness was all "NO .. but get smart with me again and I'll shoot your face off complain nicely to your superior officer and have you executed FIRED!" .. or someshit. And then Madness was all "Oh just forget it... Im bored with this now"
So then Madness was hit in the head by a falling anvil had a thought and turned the camera around and took a peeksie at the LENSE. And what did Madness find?? Madness has NO CLUE what the heck-a-ma-jeck was on that lense.. but the point is .. Madness no longer has to worry about downloading blah blah blah-diddy-blah and is free to tell the Support Jerkface Tech to "PISS OFF because youre stupid!"
And now.. for your viewing pleasure .. a few more pics of Madness two youngest babies. (These were taken before the Holy Ghost was exercised from the camera.. FYI)

*sigh* Madness is a lucky woman.