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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Congrats Bossys Son

Madness hearts Bossy.

Bossys son is a high school graduate .. he earned early admission to Columbia University.

Madness wanted to say "Congrats Bossys Son" from the MadLands.

If you wanna go say "Congrats Bossys Son" click here and show The Bossys some love.
And if You're all .."Blahblah Bossy this and Blahblah Bossy that, Madness is always going on about Bossy".. the you really need to go over there and let Bossy have a word.

Madness promises not to say "I told you so" when you come back and You're all "Bossy is the Boss!"
I'll just say I know.

For those of you lunkheads who really seriously dont click on over there, this is the love Madness gave the Bossys:

You are absolutly stunning in this photo. Youve captured not only your beauty but the beauty that is the pride, love and adoration for the life you and Bossys Husband gave to this world.The life that you do by all rights, OWN.Dont let Bossys son forget this as he goes off to College.
Love you Bossy and Bossys Family,

Madness is always forgetting her manners.

Bossys Son,
Rock On Man.. Rock on.This is the culmination of so much hard work..but remember that this too is the beginning of everything that is to come.
Youve got this world in your hands.
Dont loose your grip on it. Its yours.

Madness Teenage Daughter tends to roll her eyes when her mother says these things to her.And Madness says "Daughter..Im Serious".And Madness Teenage Daughter knows.